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About Us

GERMAN & COHN, P.C. is committed to your individual and business long-term success. We are committed to improving your life by partnering with you in the areas of tax, accounting and financial planning for both individuals and businesses. We have learned a great deal since we began in 1982. Because of our varied client base we are able to assist you in all matters related to your specific needs and to improve your quality of life.

Our clients include individuals and small and medium size businesses primarily located in the Houston, Texas and surrounding metropolitan area. Our client base comprises restaurants, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, retail, real estate, doctors, and grocery stores to name a few. We pride ourselves on treating every client, no matter what their size, equally as to the quality of services we provide. Whatever type client you are we are capable and willing to assist you in whatever your needs require. Our clients are considered family and we make every effort to accomodate their needs personally and professionaly.

We look forward to working with you.